School Council - Nov 02

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Longview School Council

Eagles Fundraising Association                      

                                            Meeting Agenda                                                                                      

Nov 2nd 2017
Call to Order - Longview School Council Meeting

Additions to the Agenda

Minutes from Sept 27th 2017

  • Board Report,Jeannine Tucker

  • Village report, Carole Macleod

  • Administrative/Principal Report

  • Attendance

  • Lagging Data (APR / TTFM)

  • Leading Data (PLC, Classroom Visits, Evidence, Etc)

  • Ed Plan Focus

  • New business

               Recap on A.S.C.A Meeting

Adjournment - Longview School Council Meeting

Call to Order - Eagles Fundraising Association Meeting

Additions to the agenda

Minutes from Sept 27th 2017

  • New Business

               Kids at the fundraising Table?

               BBQ/Bake sale

               The Store, Lisa Penner

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • Next meeting is Dec 6th 2017

    Childcare and Pizza is provided for the kids!