Logo and Tagline Design Contest

Logo and Tagline Design Contest

Winning Prize $250   •   Five $50 runner‐up prizes

The Foothills Children’s Wellness Network is developing a Youth Branch of the network. We value youth, their needs and dreams, and honour their trials and triumphs.  Collaboratively, we will support youth and young adults from ages 13‐24 to live, learn, grow and thrive to maximize their personal potential and personal wellbeing.

Our Vision: Resilient Connected Youth.

Our Mission: Youth, families and communities working together to support Youth.

Our Goal: We want youth to know that reaching out and connecting with others is a good thing – and that we are here to help that happen.

Supports and programs are available for all aspects of personal need within our communities, ranging from:

  • Recreation and sport
  • Life skill development and employment
  • Physical and mental health
  • Peer support and youth services

Food and shelter

The Foothills Children’s Wellness Network – Youth Branch, working collaboratively with your school, wants your creative input for a logo and tagline.

The objective of the contest is to receive ideas and designs that communicate that everyone has value, everyone belongs and everyone is an important someone!

When youth see it, they should instantly know the Foothills Children’s Wellness Network – Youth Branch is a safe place to help teens get support, stay connected, and find their way.

Help us create something from your perspective!


  • Six to ten words if creating a slogan (i.e. The Happiest Place on Earth).
  • No more than four if using adjectives only (i.e. Happy, Respected, Included, Valued).
  • Be thinking about our vision and goals as you create.


  • Create an attention‐grabbing identifier.
  • It can be any color(s) you like.
  • It should look good at all sizes, since it may be used in small formats (business cards) and large (banners).


  • Competition closes January 31st, 2019.
  • Submit designs to your school admin.